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School success starts at home

"City Trends" article supports One by One Ministries.

“City Trends” just reported that “children who had a positive early learning environment—one that focuses on reading and storytelling, involves learning materials in the home, and includes parental interaction—performed better in the fifth grade than children from middle-income households.” (City Trends, Nov 29, 2017)

At One by One Ministries, we equip families to have that kind of positive learning environment in their homes.  Through our mentoring ministry, mothers receive emotional support and encouragement through one-on-one mentoring, as well as educational materials about child development and parenting skills.

According to Cel Stoneking, former One by One Ministry Director and a 20+ year veteran kindergarten teacher: “A child entering kindergarten must have adequate prior experiences in vocabulary development,  and have engaged in  activities involving fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.  Simply put, the child needs relational experiences with a meaningful adult where he is involved in activities that promote brain development. Even if he is socially well adjusted and has appropriate  interactions with his peers, without the  other components he will be ill prepared to master the academic concepts presented in school.  It has been my difficult experience to tell a parent that their child is wonderful  and gets along well with his peers, but is not prepared to go on to first grade because he has not begun to master the skills necessary to do so. 

A  component of the  One By One curriculum that attracted me to the ministry were the activity cards.  The cards have age appropriate activities and games that the young mom can  use  with her baby to promote  brain development  that  prepares her baby for future success in school.”

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