The premiere mentoring ministry for
expectant and new parent families

Equipping and mobilizing volunteers from the Christian faith community through local churches, to reach and help Moms who are expecting or have recently had a baby..

One by One Ministries is one of the premiere mentoring ministries for new and expectant Moms. At the very heart of One by One Ministries is the belief that every baby is worth the very best we can give in nurturing, parenting, and encouragement to fulfill their greatest God-given responsibility and priviledge..

One by One provides the structure, resources, and training to equip churches and their volunteers to reach families for Christ at a time when their hearts are most likely to be pliable and open to help and improvements for the sake of their babies. Our ministry fills an urgent need that exists in many of today's families for parenting education and encouragement, so that the family, especially the Mother and child, can find real joy and experience a better life.  As a parent is positively transformed, the future of the child is changed as well.

With a unique spiritual focus, One by One
is a ministry designed to: