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* Encourage and support you

* Equip you to be the best parent you can be

* Share activities and parenting strategies

* Help you create your own baby book

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You can also call our office at (901) 857-1153 or email us at to request a mentor.

Hi there Mama…

Let’s face it…there are some challenges headed your way & we know you
have already conquered much.
We know you want to be a great mother and you are excited but…
Let’s face it…mommin aint easy!
One by One Mentors are here for you.
Some days…You are going to need some encouragement
You are going to want the very best for your child &
One by One Mentors will show you how to prepare your child for Kindergarten.
Let’s face it…You Mama, are your child’s first teacher.
You can do this! And when you need someone to remind you…your One by One Mentor will.
Your baby is going to grow up fast but these early years are important.
Let’s face it…you need to know what milestones he will be making each month & how to keep him safe.
What about teaching him how to get along with others in this world?
We know you are going to have a lot of responsibility being a Mama…we are here to help you.
Let’s face it…You are on a most rewarding journey with twists & turns, highs & lows…
And you have a One by One Mentor who can’t wait to meet you.

Written by Cindy Grucholski, North Texas Regional Ministry Director