Testimony of a One by One Participant Mom and her Mentor

The Very First One by One Participant Mom

A phone call came in from a public housing social worker:  “We have a 12 year old resident who is expecting a baby.  Can you help her?”  That mom was matched with a mentor who began making monthly visits to her home.  A relationship that started on the young mom’s front porch quickly grew into a strong friendship and the mentor was invited to the baby shower a few months later.  When the call came at 10 pm one night that the baby was on the way, the mentor was asked to come into the delivery room and witness the birth!  The mentor and mom continued to meet regularly, proving that One by One would cross all perceived barriers:  ethnic, cultural and economic.   

Mentor Testimony

“My experience with my mentee has been by turns, challenging, rewarding, frustrating, eye-opening.  I have a new appreciation for the problems a young woman faces in this situation; when I think back to how immature I was at her age, my empathy for her deepens.  There’s no doubt in my mind that the One by One program is having a positive impact on her and her family.  My mentee’s precious baby was born almost six months ago and we are both in love with this beautiful gift from God.  It has been such a blessing to me to watch mom grow maternally.  I believe God has placed my mentee in my life and me in hers!  We have “connected” and that is amazing to me.”

Participant Mom Testimony

“When I became pregnant with my first child, I was feeling hopeless and depressed because I was a single teen mom with no income.  I was matched with a mentor who never judged me no matter the situation I was in.  She became my shoulder to cry on whenever I was feeling low.  She helped me know how to be a good mom for my daughter. When I became pregnant with my second child, I immediately requested her to be my mentor again!
Now I work for Shelby County Schools in the cafeteria serving the students.  I’m attending Strayer University working on my Business Administration degree.  One by One Ministries has impacted my life by giving me the support and knowledge I need to keep moving forward.  Due to the different outlook I have on life now, I hope to be someone’s mentor soon.”