Coordinators work directly with the Regional Ministry Director to lead and manage the One by One effort within a local church.  Please click on the link below to submit an on-line application and then consent to a background check. 

Coordinator Position Description

Standard of Christian Commitment:  The mission and goals of One by One Ministries mandate that all volunteers demonstrate a love and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Every participating One by One volunteer team member shall be an active and faithful member of a local church of believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is expected that conduct becoming a follower of Jesus Christ will be portrayed in the community at large.

Basic Function: To coordinate the One by One Ministry within a local church.

Specific Duties:

I. Training:

- Complete One by One Ministries Mentor Training and Coordinator Training.
- Attend bi-monthly Coordinator Meetings with the Regional Ministry Director (RMD) of One by One Ministries and other area Church Coordinators.
- Participate in the Annual One by One Conference and other in-service trainings as available (continuing education opportunities, referral agency tours, etc.)

II. Within the Church:

- Act as the liaison between the church and One by One Ministries.
- Work with church staff assigned to this ministry to ensure clear communication, develop awareness about this ministry within the church family, implement goals, and provide feedback about progress/needs/prayer requests.
- Help facilitate informational and training meetings at the church for this ministry.
- Recruit mentors and prayer partners on an on-going basis.
- Coordinate efforts of Mentors and Prayer Partners and track their progress in meeting with Participant Moms.

III. With Mentors and Prayer Partners
- Process all Mentor and Prayer Partner applications by conducting volunteer interviews and reference checks, and following up to make sure background checks are approved.
- Ensure that Mentors have completed all required training, paperwork, and been paired with a Prayer Partner before being matched with an Applicant Mom.
- Create an adequate filing system to keep all records and forms up to date.
- Meet regularly with Mentors and Prayer Partners to: encourage and motivate, share ministry updates and resources, receive Mentor Visit Report Forms, allow Mentors time to report and share prayer requests, and offer assistance where needed.
- Maintain an inventory of materials and resources available to Mentors in making home visits with Participant Moms.
- Provide opportunities for recognition and appreciation of Mentors and Prayer Partners.

IV. With Participant Moms

- Respond to the Regional Ministry Director (RMD) quickly when Participant Mom applicants are received.
- Manage the intake process with potential Participant Moms.
- Match Participant Moms with Mentors.
- Evaluate and track each match to ensure that Mentors are meeting regularly with assigned Participant Moms and submitting forms as requested.
- Assist Mentors as they help Participant Moms in finding needed resources.
- Keep all records and information on Applicant Moms strictly confidential.
- Provide recognition for Participant Mom at the completion of One by One curriculum, and follow up with Mentor and Applicant Mom to see if 2nd year curriculum is desired.

V. With One by One Ministries

- Uphold the ministry purposes, integrity, and standards of One by One Ministries.
- Collect and forward all required forms from Mentors, Prayer Partners, and Applicant Moms to the One by One Central Office.
- Share ministry, Mentor and Participant Mom stories and photos with One by One RMD on a frequent basis.
- Communicate in a timely and efficient manner with One by One staff in response to emails, requests for information, etc.
- Make every effort to attend bi-monthly Coordinator Meetings with RMD of One by One Ministries.