Dr. James J. Heckman, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Prize winner, reports that the quality of family life in the USA has deteriorated significantly in the past 40 years.

This has put our children’s well-being in danger, and has torn the fabric of our nations’ family and community life. The battle for the future generations is being fought every day.

How do we respond to babies and their families? How do we respond to the crisis of deteriorating family life? Because we love families and their babies, One by One Ministries is a key part of the answer. What is needed is nothing short of........

                                         Generational Transformation

Generational Transformation is a joint initiative of One by One Ministries and EvanTell, an evangelistic association headquartered in Dallas, TX. One by One provides trained church-based mentors to serve and walk alongside vulnerable, at-risk new/expectant families who visit faith-based pregnancy care centers (PCCs) trained and recommended by EvanTell's own Save the Mother, Save her Child (SMSC) ministry. To date, Save the Mother Save her Child has trained 780 pregnancy centers in how to present the Gospel to all family members who come to these centers for services. Through our partnership with EvanTell/Save the Mother Save her Child, there is a trusted nationwide network through which One by One Ministries will strategically expand.

The Objectives of Generational Transformation are:

  • Empower a new generation of families to raise children to reach the full potential that God has put within them.

  • Equip the church to extend its mission to serve expectant/new parent families in their community, to share the gospel with them, and nurture them through uniquely equipped and trained mentors in relationship with the families.

It is at the heart of the Generational Transformation initiative to see young expectant/new parent families experience the love of God in tangible ways through a mentoring relationship with caring, trained Christian volunteers from local churches. The very mission of One by One!

Through equipping and mobilizing trained Christian volunteers from local churches to mentor these families, Generational Transformation helps churches serve the Lord by serving others. One by One Ministries, with its proven curriculum and training, combined with EvanTell's focus on the gospel and the pregnancy center network, are working together to improve the parenting skills of this generation to impact the next generation.

The ultimate beneficiaries of Generational Transformation are our babies...our most vulnerable population, and indeed our future.