Mentors are trained using the One by One curriculum and then matched with moms who are asking for help.  To apply, please click on the link below to submit an on-line application and then consent to a background check.  

Mentor Position Description

Standard of Christian Commitment:  The mission and goals of One by One Ministries mandate that all volunteers demonstrate a love and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Every participating One by One volunteer team member shall be an active and faithful member of a local church of believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is expected that conduct becoming a follower of Jesus Christ will be portrayed in the community at large.

Basic Function:  Mentoring new and expectant mothers by: making monthly, or more often, mentoring visits; using One by One curriculum and resources designed to encourage and educate parents about the needs of their babies; and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Specific Duties:

I. Training:

- Complete One by One Ministries Mentor training

- Complete EvanTell on-line training (this can be done prior to Mentor Training or immediately following Mentor Training).
Access the Evantell training for your region’s group by selecting the appropriate button:

- Attend the monthly Mentor meetings at the sponsoring church.
- Participate in the Annual One by One Conference and other in-service trainings.

II. Mentoring:

- Be consistently mindful of the mission and goals of One by One Ministries and work for their realization in the life of the participant mother and family.
- Using the outlined visit plan and materials in the One by One Mentor’s Manual, pray, plan and prepare for monthly home visits with Participant Mom and her family.
    • Prenatal:  make frequent contacts by phone, text and monthly in-person visits.
    • At Birth:  contact Participant Mom when baby is born and visit in hospital.  An extra home visit may be appropriate this month to assist the new mother.
    • Birth to 12 Month Visits:  make monthly home visits and contact weekly by phone or text; follow up in scheduling future appointments with Participant Mom.

- Notify your Prayer Partner of upcoming visits so that she knows when to use her Prayer Guide; pray with your Prayer Partner in person or by phone before, and after each visit with the participant.
- Complete evaluation forms after each visit to provide feedback on:  baby’s health and development; the mother’s interest in parenting and spiritual progress. 
- Be prepared at every visit to: share the Gospel; to disciple a Mom who is already a Christian; to make yourself available for prayer requests/needs of the family.
- Keep strict confidentiality about all families enrolled in One by One Ministries.