Prayer Partners

Every One by One Mentor needs the support of a Prayer Partner.  Click on the link below to submit an on-line application.  

Prayer Partner Position Description

Standard of Christian Commitment:  The mission and goals of One by One Ministries mandate that all volunteers demonstrate a love and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Every participating One by One volunteer team member shall be an active and faithful member of a local church of believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is expected that conduct becoming a follower of Jesus Christ will be portrayed in the community at large.

Basic Function:  Actively praying for the volunteer Mentors involved with the One by One ministry in the local church. The Prayer Partner will use the One by One Prayer Guide to help direct her prayer efforts.

Specific Duties:

- Pray daily for a specific Mentor and her assigned One by One Participant Mom and her family.
- After being notified by the Mentor of an upcoming mentoring visit, use the One by One Prayer Guide and devote one’s daily quiet time to studying the same Bible Studies as the Mentor for the seven days of the Visit Plan.
- Pray with your Mentor in person or by phone before, and after each visit with the Participant Mom.
- Be a part of the Mentor’s “safety net” by being aware of the date and time of the Mentor’s mentoring visits.
- Pray immediately before and during the actual mentoring visit(s) each month.
- Send occasional “I am praying for you” and other encouraging emails and notes to the Mentor.
- Start and/or participate in a prayer chain among One by One Prayer Partners when special needs of a Mentor or a participant family are made known.
- Keep strict confidentiality about the families enrolled in One by One.

• Prayer Partners are encouraged (but not required) to attend Mentor Training to be better prepared to function as an effective Prayer Partner.
• Prayer Partners are encouraged to attend Mentor meetings held at the church whenever possible in order to be better informed on how to pray for the One by One Ministry as a whole.